About Us

K&D’s is a dust-free wood refinishing company specializing in revitalizing old, damaged, or dated cabinets to create the appearance of new cabinetry. Our company has mastered a variety of different services and strives to deliver only the best and highest quality project available. We achieve this because we are locally owned as well as being family owned and operated. Our restoration teams take pride in being considered the best, most professional, polite and efficient teams in the business. Each of the team members has gone through an extensive training process to be able to identify the type of care needed for each type of wood and the finish thereof.

K&D’s customers contract our services to protect their investment. The lead-contractor having refinished more than one thousand kitchens is a master craftsman concerning every aspect of the process. This attention to detail creates a quality finish for your cabinetry that a common contractor (not specializing in cabinetry) cannot provide. K&D’s creates a finish that is long lasting and provides you years of worry-free cabinet ownership. K&D’s un-matched 5-year warranty not only covers the initial finish but also covers damage that you may cause within the five-year period. This is inclusive to repairing any issue your kids, dogs, or cooking accidents may cause to your cabinetry.

Why Choose K&D’s?

Deciding on a contractor to use for your homes renovation is always a big decision. However, when the average set of kitchen cabinetry is worth $28,000 deciding on a cabinet refinishing contractor to refinish your woodwork is even more difficult. How do you know you’re getting someone you should trust? How do you know the quality of their work will be long lasting? In many cases, contractors make promises and don’t deliver. Contractors may even subcontract out the work, so the team you thought you were hiring is not the team that ends up doing the work. Another common issue in the remodeling industry is that companies will show you before and after pictures that have been done by a completely different crew than the one that will be completing your project. This is especially the case for franchises. Many times franchises will use the same before and after pictures throughout all the cities that they work in. This means the pictures you are being shown may have been projects completed by a different crew in a completely different state than Oklahoma.

We never subcontract out the work. The work is performed 100% by our trained team. The owner, himself, is present on job sites throughout the refinishing process. You can be assured that when it comes to the work itself, we will spend extra time in the preparation of your home as well as the cleanup, so you are left with beautiful cabinets and gorgeous woodwork. We have a total commitment to excellence in every phase of the process, and we make sure that your experience is top notch.

At K&D’s Wood Refinishing we are confident in our abilities. We make a lot of claims saying our processes are the most convenient, we have the most highly skilled team and even saying that we are the best cabinet refinishing company out there. A lot of bold claims, but what do we do to back them up? What is it that makes our company so great that we can so confidently make these claims?

Well, here are our four reasons:


Unloading Cabinets: With all of our renew and staining processes we are able to drastically change of look of your cabinets without you having to take anything out of your cabinetry.

Dust & Mess Free: We sand all of the cabinets and woodwork during our preparation process. However, we do this in a way that all dust is contained while we work and you will have no dust in your house to clean after we leave.

No Smell & Dry Time: Our Renew and staining processes have no smell & are completely dry to the touch once we leave.


Set Company Hours:

Design Consultations & Estimates: We do estimates 6 days a week Monday-Saturday to ensure the most convenient experience for our customers. Our estimate hours are from 9-7 Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9-5 to accommodate our working clients.

Project Hours: We work from 8-5 every day. This provides the advantage of knowing your project is being worked on in a timely manner and that it has our teams sole focus.

Estimated Time of Completion: Since we solely focus on cabinetry and woodwork we have become excellent at estimating our project timelines. There is no need to be concerned that a 3 day project will turn into a 3 week project.


Superior Product:

Foundation: Our company was founded from watching our competitors put out inferior products into the marketplace. Our company mission is to provide our customers with superior service, quality product, and a long lasting finish.

Prep work: Our prep work is second to none, we will spend however long needed to ensure that your house will be protected during all stages of our project. We want to help make your remodeling dreams come true, not give you remodeling aftermath nightmares.

Finishes: Our finishes not only add a beautiful sheen but also aide in the protection of your newly redone cabinetry to ward off damages from water & grease.

Method: Good materials & equipment will only take you so far, but to be the best cabinet refinisher you have to have a method that capitalized on both of those. That’s why our technicians are trained to look over your cabinets at multiple angels, to pay extra attention to areas that commonly receive the most wear and tear, to double check each area has been properly completed throughout each stage and to do a hundred other tricks to help ensure your cabinets look gorgeous!


Quality Control:

Specialization: We ONLY work on cabinetry and woodwork every day. We don’t try to do everything because we would rather be masters in one trade.

Design: We have a designer on staff for those customers who want a change but can’t quite figure out a good direction to head. We specialize in not only being able to produce a great product but being able to help you realize what your dream kitchen looks like.

Family Owned & Operated: The owner will be on site at every project in order to ensure that each and every project meets the K&D’s standard of excellence. We are small enough to care but large enough to deliver.

Warranty: We are so confident in our services that we offer a 5-year warranty that can’t be beat. For 5 years following your projects completion we will come back to fix any scratches, dings or damage that YOU cause. We want you to love your cabinets and not have to worry about your cabinets longevity.

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