Our Services

At K&D’s we offer three main services: our renew process, coloring changing process and our painted finishes. Each process is designed with our customers in mind to meet their specific needs for their kitchen remodeling.

Our Renew Process: This process is designed for those customers who like their current cabinet color but the cabinets are showing wear and tear from years of use. We are able to completely restore the cabinets to their original beauty. One of the biggest benefits to this process is that we are able to complete most kitchens in one day, with no mess and no smell. This process is so dust/mess free that we do not even require our customers to remove anything from their cabinetry before we begin. This is by far the most inenvasive process offered on the market to completely restore your cabinetry. This process is a popular option for those who like the color of the cabinets, someone who is trying to get their house ready to sell or house flippers who need a quick process to meet their remodeling deadlines.

Our Color Changing Process: This is our most popular process for those customers that love having wood cabinetry but hate the current color on their cabinets. We typically see this process done on oak or pickled cabinetry from the 80’s, 90’s or early 2000’s. This process is also popular for cabinetry from the mid-2,000’s that has a lighter finish similar to a traditional oak or maple finish. We are able to transform these cabinets into cabinets that more closer resememble a walnut or mahoghany wood. What is great about our process is that we are able to custom mix stains on site so that we can create the exact stain color that you desire for your remodel. We are able to recreate any color from a magazine, pinterest or even a piece of furniture that you own. With this process our customers are able to completely transform their kitchen at a fraction of the price of replacement. Our average customer will save over 80% compared to replacement cost. Not only is this process a tremendous money saver but our customers find that their current cabinetry once redone with our process is actually longer lasting and much better built than the cabinetry available in todays market.

Our Painted Finishes: HGTV, Pinterest and magazine covers have proven that painted cabinetry is not just a trend that will be going away any time soon. Our companies goal is that on every project that we apply a painted finish that is not only gorgeous when we are completed but it will also be long lasting. We are able to provide any color available on the market with our process. What seperates our painted finishes from other contractors is not only the products applied to the cabinetry but also the processes we use to protect your house from overspray and fumes. The care that we put into our preperation process allows for our customers to have a major remodel as well as a smooth transition to using their kitchen again. Not only can you experience the difference with our process but you will also be able to see and feel a major difference between the final product we provide comparatively to our competitors. We consider our painted finishes to more closely resemble a car paint than a wall paint.