Painted Finishes

Ask any painter if they can paint your cabinets, and most will say they can. Which is true. Anyone can paint a surface, but will it hold up and look professional? It most likely will not.

The fact is there are many different types and grades of paints, each with their own application; Wall paint, exterior paint, automotive finishes, etc. While they all serve a purpose; they are not designed for kitchen cabinets. In the same way, you would not want to put house paint on your car, even the best wall paint on your kitchen cabinets will not hold up to food, grease, and normal wear and tear. While some companies use oil or latex paints, we only use materials specifically designed to create a long-lasting finish to your cabinets.

The pictures below are actual jobs done by “painting professionals”. Hiring someone unqualified that may use incorrect materials and incorrect application processes can be one of the most expensive home project mistakes that you ever make.

K&D’s is exclusively a cabinet refinishing company. We do not paint walls, we do not paint house exteriors and we do not paint furniture. Our exclusivity to cabinetry and woodwork allows us to be focused on the newest technologies and techniques designed for wood finishes. We strive to provide the most protective and long lasting finish that the market has available.

The K&D’s difference is not only shown in the products we use but is also evident in our preparation process. We strive to go the extra miles in our preparation process to ensure that your house will be properly protected from any overspray, dust, or fumes that may happen during the painted process. The first step of our process is to completely enclose the room that is to be painted. For example, in the kitchen, we will cover the floors, countertops, backsplash, appliances, and ceiling. After everything is covered we enclose the room in a clear tent using our pop-up pole system to create a barrier between rooms. To help prevent dust from being in the house all of our sanders are directly connected to shop vacuums that take the dust directly from the cabinetry to the vacuum so no dust is in the air. After everything has been properly prepped we set up our proprietary filtration system that runs from inside the enclosed room to the outside of the house. This filtration system not only speeds up dry times to ensure your paint dries at the speed that is required for optimal appearance but that all of the fumes in your house are defused as quickly as possible.


Examples of Painting Prep Work

Typically all necessary prep work is able to be completed within 1 to 2 days of the projects start date. After all prep work is completed we move into our priming process. Our primer is designed to hold in any type of grain or stain that has previously been on the cabinets. Many people will tell you that it is not possible to paint over wood cabinets because you will see many signs the cabinetry originally being stained such as heavy grain and stain seeping through. However, with our process, this is not an issue. Our primer is so strong that it not only sticks to glass but the product’s manufacturer instructs that you do not have to sand the wood to get a good adhesion. However, we always take the extra precautionary step and sand the cabinetry to ensure there will be no problems in the future. Below is an example of a kitchen that has only had primer applied. As you can see in the picture our primer alone has great coverage and acts as a good base for the paint to be applied smoothly.

After all primer has been applied and our project manager is comfortable with the coverage the primer has provided we will move forward to applying our paint. We only use paints that are designed for woodwork in order to account for the unique characteristics of painting wood. Our paint has excellent adhesion, flow & leveling, and it is non-yellowing. Paint being non-yellowing is very important when choosing to paint your cabinets a shade of white. The white color yellowing over time will cause your pretty white cabinets to have a very yellow tint covering them. The paint typically takes a day to apply and is followed by a spot coating to ensure that all drips or imperfections are removed and repaired to leave a smooth service.

Most painters or painting companies will either use a paint & primer combination or they will apply primer and paint separately. Even if we were to compare the processes between us and other painters up to this point there are obvious differences throughout each step. However, the thing that makes us stand out the most is our topcoat. We not only prime and paint the cabinets; we seal everything in with a clear topcoat that will prevent your cabinetry from chipping or receiving water damage. This means that you will get years if not decades more use with our product. Our entire goal with everything we do is to not only provide a product that is gorgeous when we are done but to provide you with a long lasting gorgeous kitchen that you do not become embarrassed of in a few years.

We have an entire process called our painted renew process that is solely dedicated to fixing bad paint jobs. We are a people-oriented company and when other contractors take advantage of people it doesn’t sit right with us. We try to provide consumers with as much information as possible to select the company that will work best for their needs. However, we encourage people to do research on the company they are hiring to paint their cabinetry. We do many jobs per year that the cabinets have been redone within the last 1-3 years and the cabinetry looks so horrendous that it needs to be redone. Protect yourself and be informed that wooden cabinet painting is a highly skilled process that takes years of training and education to understand and perfect. Because the average painter does not focus solely on woodwork you will want to understand that not every person or company that can give you an estimate can provide you with the vision you have for your kitchen.