Renew Process

Our Renew process is able to remove decades of grease build up, water damage, scratches, sun damage and everything else that makes your cabinets look over used and worn down. Not only are we able to reverse years of damage, we are able to do so in the most convenient manner possible.

Our process is DUST FREE, MESS FREE, & SMELL FREE with most projects taking only 1 DAY to Complete.

We have found that many of our customers love the color of their cabinetry and want to restore their cabinetry to their original beautiful state. The problem with most contractors/painters is that they are unable to match the stain to the original stain color because the cabinets are decades old and the color has aged. They are also unable to fix things such as water damage or steam damage without excessively sanding to a point that the door loses its shape. This is no issue for our company. We pride ourselves in being able to match any stain color on any type of wood from any decade no matter the type of damage present. This ability allows us to fix the unfixable and preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

3 most common reasons customers RENEW their cabinetry to the original color

  1. You just remodeled your kitchen, it looks amazing, you got a new countertop and backsplash, you repainted your walls, you even got new flooring. Everything’s great right? Then you look at your cabinets and say yikes… I didn’t realize how terrible the cabinets looked! Sound familiar?This is the case for many of our customers, they love the color of their cabinetry but over the years the finish has dulled, there has been damage caused by water, hand grease, food grease, the sun coming through from the kitchen windows, pets, steam and a number of other factors that have all led to cabinetry that looks less than perfect.
  2. You want to sell your house and you want it to sell fast so you can maximize your profit and minimize bleeding money from having the house sit on the market for many months.Many times we receive calls from desperate house owners or their realtors that have been dealing with a house that is gorgeous but they just can’t get someone to make an offer. We have found through the years that in almost all cases potential homebuyers will walk through homes during the showing and start to devise a theoretical number of how much it will cost them to fix any issues they perceive in the house. One of the biggest mistakes people make when putting their house on the market is to ignore the details of the house. Many consumers are unaware that refinishing cabinetry is a valid and reasonable priced option to repair damage to woodwork. When adding the cost they will have to put into the house many times they will think of the cost of new cabinets or to reface the cabinets. The average cost for new kitchen cabinetry is $28,000 and the average cost of re-facing will run $11,000. You want to do everything you can for your potential buyers to view your house as “move-in-ready”. This will cut down on buyers trying to negotiate your price down as well as the house moving faster by having less potential buyers think, “I love the house, but we can find a similar house for a little more and not have to fix anything.”
  3. Not many years ago you bought your house brand new, everything looked great when you moved in but soon after you started to notice that your cabinetry was peeling? The finish was flaking off and you didn’t know what to do because the cabinets are practical brand-new! You called your builder, you called the company who installed your cabinets and they all told you tough luck? It’s sad but it’s a reality for many homeowners.2006 is when the majority of new cabinet companies switched over to a process called lacquer staining. We have found that while the stain looks good when applied, is cheap to apply and can be applied fast so the house is completed sooner; it doesn’t last. We regularly work on cabinetry that is less than 10 years old that is just as damaged if not more damaged than cabinetry from the 70’s or 80’s. As sad as this is for our customers the good news is that we are not only able to reverse the issues but we are able to completely stop them from happening again.

Although we are able to complete cabinetry in a timely manner that is typically within a day or two of when we start what we do is not a quick fix. We are not simply rubbing oil or wax on the cabinets to make them shiny again. We are repairing years of damage and effectively making the cabinets feel new again. This is a full refinishing process and although it will most likely be the most convenient remodel you will ever do it is a full remodel of your cabinetry. This will last you just as long, if not longer, than your original finish. Since we incorporate the traditional methods of finish work with the new technology of today you are receiving the best of both worlds. We provide a long lasting finish that you will be proud of for decades. We understand our process sounds too good to be true so to put your mind to rest even more we have a 5-year warranty on everything that we do. This means that if you damage your cabinets after we complete our process we will come fix them for you free of charge.

Karl and his wife went through a major remodel at their house. They initially thought they were going to replace their cabinetry but when their quote came back at $31,000 they knew there had to be a better way. They already had solid wood cabinets, they liked the cabinet’s color and they were in good condition. The issue was they showed the normal wear and tear that happens after over 20 years of daily use. They also would have to reconfigure the cabinetry to work with the new layout of their kitchen and living room. This would leave areas of their cabinetry that had been previously unfinished exposed. In addition to this additional wood had to be added to the back panel of the new island that then would have to be matched to the cabinetry that had been installed over 20 years earlier. After deciding to refinish their cabinets they were hesitant of the difference it would make. However, once completed they were amazed at the difference it made and how spot on the new color was comparatively to the original color.